July 29, 2021

The Secret Behind The Best Lamb Curry (Recipe)

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Did you know that Lamb Curry is a favorite amongst Indian Non Veg. eaters? Lamb Curry is also a fulfilling meal since lamb is incredibly rich in flavor and protein.    Typical Indian lamb curry is a crowd favorite that is made by cooking lamb with tomatoes, onions and spices.  This is one dish that definitely needs to be cooked over a low flame to give you the perfect taste, flavor and fragrance with a

June 3, 2021

Why is it safe to eat at Tandoor?

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Well, we’re open for dine-in and also open for the buffet. But we do understand your concerns about safety standards and precautions and whether you should dine out again. So, let us share with you all that we are doing to ensure your visit is not only safe, but you also have a comfortable time with us. Here are some of them for your information. Well ventilated area As per Covid precautions, the place you

April 6, 2021

Best 5 last-minute party snacks this spring!

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Fruit and Yogurt Parfait Give your yogurt a boost by transforming it into a fancy parfait. One cup low-fat yogurt, ½ cup chopped berries and 1 tablespoon of granola is the perfect ratio to start with. It is a perfect starter for a corporate party.  Salsa and Tortilla Chips The key to enjoying salsa and chips in a snack is to pre-portion your chips and not grab them straight from the bag. Portion out a
Tandoor Indian Restaurant Chapel Hill

March 2, 2021

Explore Top 5 Starters with us for a Party!

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Are you planning to get some friends over this week and wondering what to do for the party?  We’ve got some amazing starters you can check on our menu on and place your orders if you like them. For your reference, we are giving some more information on these right here – Cheese/Vegetarian/Chicken Pakoras: These are both delicious and light starters if you are having drinks. Cheese pakoras, vegetarian and chicken pakoras are both
Tandoor Indian Restaurant Chapel Hill
Are you in a mood to indulge this Valentine into something special and want a change of taste with your dinner? Then, you can surely try one of our special Punjabi dishes. Here are some interesting options for you to choose from – Chicken Korma It has a curry base made with yogurt sauce, coriander, or sometimes nuts. This easy chicken korma recipe has interesting spices such as cumin, cardamom, pepper, and cinnamon which doesn’t