Why is it safe to eat at Tandoor?

Well, we’re open for dine-in and also open for the buffet. But we do understand your concerns about safety standards and precautions and whether you should dine out again. So, let us share with you all that we are doing to ensure your visit is not only safe, but you also have a comfortable time with us. Here are some of them for your information.

Well ventilated area

As per Covid precautions, the place you dine out in should be well ventilated. Our facility is open and has an adequate amount of fresh air. So, you don’t need to worry about this one.

Masks, Sanitizers Provided

Each guest that walks into our restaurant is given masks and sanitizer to sanitize themselves while they enter the restaurant. We also request the guests to wear masks while they are not eating.

Distance between the tables

Each of the tables is at a good distance from each other so that you don’t have to worry about the other guests on the other table.

Menus sanitized

We sanitize the menu after each guest leaves in our sanitizing equipment ensuring it is safe to use by the next guest.

Furniture, Restrooms sanitized

We are pretty careful when it comes to the furniture and restrooms used by various guests. They are sanitized regularly to ensure you feel safe to use them when you visit us. 

Safe Staff

We also make sure each of our staff wears masks and uses sanitizers regularly. We are on the way to vaccinate all our staff as well.

We are very strict about the safety precautions defined by the Health Department and ensure they are followed daily by our team, here at Tandoor. Hence, we would like to invite you to the safest restaurant in town for dine-in. See you soon, here!