Tandoor Indian Restaurant Chapel Hill

Explore Top 5 Starters with us for a Party!

Are you planning to get some friends over this week and wondering what to do for the party?  We’ve got some amazing starters you can check on our menu on www.tandoorchapelhill.com and place your orders if you like them. For your reference, we are giving some more information on these right here –

Cheese/Vegetarian/Chicken Pakoras:

These are both delicious and light starters if you are having drinks. Cheese pakoras, vegetarian and chicken pakoras are both made with cottage cheese, vegetables and chicken respectively and dipped in besan or chana dal batter with spices like red chilis, coriander, cumin, garam masala and salt.

Vegetable/Meat Samosa:

This one has been a favorite with our customers. So, if you don’t know what a vegetable or meat samosa is, this is must try! Well, both of them are prepared with all-purpose flour and filled in with cooked vegetables or meat as the case be and spices such as chilis, cumin, garam masala, coriander and salt.

Both of these options are great for starters but if you prefer one of our mixed appetizer platters (Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian), pick anyone you like which will have a spread of various appetizers that you can display on your snack table.